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Apply by December 1st for Spring 2016 semester*.

*Applications received after the deadline will be considered based on space available.

Spring semester starts in January 2016 (see class schedule).

The program approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction consists of 15 credits (three semesters of four months each) including:

In addition, each student will be required to student teach for one semester once course work has been completed and competency has been established.

The normal time period for the completion of this program, including student teaching, is 18 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Admission Requirements

Waiver of Admission Requirements

Only the following waivers of these requirements will be considered in response to your written request for a waiver.  


10 SPED has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for training teachers in Special Education. Two tracks are available, one for those who currently teach but are not fully licensed, and one for those who have never taught but hold degrees in related fields. Each qualifies graduates for the same license issued by the DPI to all other qualified college graduates from approved college programs.

Synopsis of 10SPED Coursework

Standard Special Education Licensure

Candidates who are licensed in regular education, hold emergency licenses in Special Education, or are currently employed in a school district with a DPI permit to teach are eligible for admission into this program. Successful completion results in certification as a Special Education teacher in Cross Categorical or Early Childhood Special Education.

Licensure By Equivalency

Candidates who are not licensed to teach but have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field and have two years of professional work experience may qualify for the “Licensure by Equivalency” program.

Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be fully licensed as Initial Educators certified in Cross Categorical or Early Childhood Special Education.

Program Those with a current teaching license Those without a current teaching license

Degree Required

Appropriate bachelor's degree (official transcript required) and GPA of 2.75


Not applicable

Experience working with children or young adults

Tests Required

CORE, FoRT & Praxis II (Middle Childhood to Adolescence #0146 or 5146 - Early Childhood (#0014 or 5014)

Program of Study

Face-to-face and web-based courses including 20 hours of monitoring.


Evaluated by Program Rubric based on 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards adapted for Special Education

Student Teaching

As required by Administrative Rule

One Semester fulltime

Follow-up Required

Professional Development Plan evaluated by team over 3 to 5 years for five year Professional Educator License

Fees for 2015 (Subject to Change without Notice)

Withdrawal before class starts is $150.00

Fees include 15 graduate credits from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota awarded upon successful completion of the program & payment in full. St. Mary's will accept 12 graduate credits toward their Masters program.

Financial Assistance

As a displaced worker you may be eligible for financial assistance from a program in your area.

Drilling members and retirees from active duty, National Guard, or Reserves may be eligible for financial support through Troops to Teachers Wisconsin: Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 7843, 30 West Mifflin Street, Madison, WI 53707-7843, 608-266-1311, 1-800-947-8387

Some lenders offer educational loans for certification programs including Wells Fargo Bank and

Participants enrolled in Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Master in Education program can apply for financial aid. Those applying for the SMU Masters in Education and FAFSA loans are encouraged to start the application process immediately by contacting Linda. Since loan processing takes several months, please keep your Norda program informed of the progress of your application to Saint Mary’s and your loan processing. SMU prefers the applications come directly from the 10SPED office rather than online or direct to SMU. For more information on FAFSA when applying as a SMU Masters student, see Financial Aid FAQ.

Teachers who work in low income schools may be eligible for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

To apply email or mail the following by December 1:

Email or mail the following items :

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