Évimbec Ltée is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its foundation this year. Discover a part of its history.

In 1953, a first assessment contract, by the City of Thetford Mines, was awarded to Mr. Louis-Marie Gagné, who went on to found Évaluations immobilières du Québec inc. a few years later. Already, the young firm was serving several regions and municipalities in Quebec, up until 1978, when it was acquired by Roche Ltd, Consulting Group (Roche) and became Évimbec Ltée.

Évimbec Ltée offers several real estate assessment and appraisal services: municipal assessment, property valuation, expropriation, geomatics, cadastral renovation and assessment of heavy industrial complexes, in Canada and abroad. Its clientele mainly consists of municipalities, regional county municipalities, public and parapublic corporations, financial institutions and private corporations.

Évimbec Ltée has an internal team specialized in geomatics, with several people specifically in charge of graphic registers, for renovated, non-renovated and mixed territories. Nearly all the members of this internal team have over 10 years of experience. The geomatics personnel serves all Évimbec’s 143 clients.

In order to improve the efficiency of its geomatic resources, Évimbec has equipped itself with high-performance tools capable of processing a multitude of files. These tools are:

  • Géorôle-Web: a tool for consulting the graphic register via a Web browser (over 100 municipalities listed);
  • Géorôle-Bureau: a tool for consulting the graphic register locally, on a computer;
  • Géorôle-Gestionnaire: a tool for validating the register with the assessment roll data and producing the deliverables (MapInfo, DWG and Geodatabase);
  • Géorôle-MAJ: tool for updating the registers in renovated and non-renovated territories. (Over 20 000 updates since 2002).

Évimbec ltée has already used statistical modelling since 1986 and PariTOP® since 2000 to assess residential properties via the parity method, now considered a contemporary mass assessment method favoured for modernization.

In using PariTOP®, when taxpayers request information or come view their assessment, we can explain the established value in easy-to-understand terms. The interaction we can offer through geomatics makes it even more dynamic.

These new assessment tools will propel Évimbec to the forefront of property assessments information technologies.

Évimbec also offers a wide range of property valuation services covering all types of properties and several areas of assessment activity.

As of 2013, Évimbec has over 150 employees working in its 13 offices throughout the province. To date, over 143 municipalities, including 13 regional county municipalities, have called on Évimbec’s real estate assessment and appraisal services.

Évimbec’s growth is the result of its ability to adapt and diversify in an ever-changing and highly competitive market.