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Project Teaching

Project: Teaching!

We accept applications year-round for semesters beginning in May, September and January.

Program Description

A teacher certification program in the fields of agriculture, art, business education, computer science, family & consumer education, foreign languages, mathematics, music, sciences, and technology approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for persons with bachelor's degrees in school subject areas.

The instructional program features:

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Course information: 600 Course information 601 Course information

As a result of your work in these two semesters you will develop a professional portfolio to show your knowledge, skills, and dispositions to teach.

After required teaching for a semester (or two years under the permit) you develop a second portfolio to show how you have affected your students' learning and how your knowledge, skills, and teaching dispositions have grown. Successful completion of this portfolio in either program option leads to your initial educator's license.

Program Options:

Requirements Two-Year Permit Option Certification with Student Teaching Option

Degree Required

Bachelor's degree in art, computer science, engineering, foreign language, mathematics, music, or science -- GPA of at least 2.75

Bachelor's degree with the equivalent of a major in a K-12 teaching field -- GPA of at least 2.75

Work Experience

5 year minimum

2 year minimum

Tests Required

Passing Scores on CORE & Praxis II in content field or a specific foreign language test

License/Permit Required

Substitute Teacher or Emergency Permit ($100 fee to Wisconsin DPI)

Program of Study

Monthly classes, papers based on web-based study, 20 hours of substitute teaching


Evaluated based on 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards before required teaching

Required Teaching

Two years of supervised teaching

One full semester of student teaching


Evaluated based on 10 Wisconsin Teaching Standards after required teaching

Waiver of Admission Requirements

 All participants will be required to meet the following admission requirements:

Only the following waivers of these requirements will be considered in response to your written request for a waiver.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees (Subject to Change without Notice)

Payments by check or Discover, Visa or MasterCard are accepted. A $50 discount for each semester is applied if you pay the entire semester fee by check before attending the first class of the semester.

Payment plan: $500 deposit (refundable if you do not attend any class sessions) and twelve monthly payments of $500.

Graduate credit is available for an additional $360 for six credits in our program (see financial aid information below).

Financial Assistance

As a displaced worker you may be eligible for financial assistance from a program in your area.

Drilling members and retirees from active duty, National Guard, or Reserves may be eligible for financial support through the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 7843, 30 West Mifflin Street, Madison, WI 53707-7843, 608-266-1311, 1-800-947-8387 E-mail:

Some lenders offer educational loans for certification programs including Wells Fargo Bank and

Participants enrolled in Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Master in Education program can apply for financial aid. Those applying for the SMU Masters in Education and FAFSA loans are encouraged to start the application process immediately by contacting Karen. Since loan processing takes several months, please keep your Norda program informed of the progress of your application to Saint Mary’s and your loan processing. SMU prefers the applications come directly from the Project Teaching office rather than online or direct to SMU. For more information on FAFSA when applying as a SMU Masters student, see Financial Aid FAQ.

KSTF Teaching Fellowships, a program to support new science and mathematics teacher

ACH-Hach Second Career Chemistry Teacher Scholarship

Teachers who work in low income schools may be eligible for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 715-532-6084.

To apply:

Send the following items to Project Teaching, 503 Miner Ave E., Ladysmith WI 54848

  • Cover letter identifying desired subject area,
  • Resume detailing work experience,
  • Transcripts (official transcripts required if you are admitted).

Please send CORE & II scores and a copy of substitute or emergency permit if available (these are required if you are admitted).

We accept applications year-round for semesters beginning in January, May, and September.